Monday, July 13, 2009

Firms 'should be careful over Bing SEO'

Posted on 13 July 09
From: directnews

Marketers have been warned that investing in search engine optimisation (SEO) specifically for the Bing service might not be the best strategy at the moment.

Figures from Nielsen Online suggest that the search engine is doing well at building up a user base in the first few weeks of its availability, but it is still small fish when compared with Google and Yahoo!, suggested.

Speaking to the website, David Markus of IT services company Combo said that online marketing executives would do well to monitor the search market for longer before making any firm decisions regarding SEO.

He warned that allocating funds to SEO for Bing now may result in little return on investment should the search engine fail to capitalise on its early growth.

However, Mr Markus added: "When and if Bing gets to the point where it challenges Google, you want to be in on the action ... You have to be careful with how you go about dealing with it."

Bing accounted for 2.36 per cent of all UK searches in the four weeks ending June 27th, according to Hitwise.

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